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If the course of the disease is dystrophic or Indocin pills, then drugs are prescribed that stimulate the restoration of the epithelium. If vulvodynia has developed due to a lack of Indocin hormones, then hormonal drugs are prescribed. If vaginal itching is associated with allergies, then antihistamines are used. In this case, the allergen is identified and excluded. To do this, appoint a consultation examination of an allergist and conduct skin tests.

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Kidney failure or unstable blood sugar levels also serve as the development of vaginal itching and, as a result, vulvodynia. In this option, consulting appointments with an endocrinologist or nephrologist are prescribed. If the disease is psychogenic in nature, then therapy is prescribed simultaneously with psychiatric appointments. The doctor not only prescribes antidepressant treatment, but also recommends courses of Indocin pills. Despite this, in any case, during the illness, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs, multivitamin therapy, sedative herbal drugs, immunostimulating drugs that activate their own defenses are prescribed.

If all of the above remedies were ineffective, and there is a clearly defined painful area, then surgical therapy is recommended, during which the inflamed vaginal pituitary gland or areas with high sensitivity of the skin or mucous membranes are removed. In mostIn most cases, such therapy gives a positive result, especially if used simultaneously with antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Vulvodynia is a disease of the external genital organs of indomethacin Capsule, in which she experiences constant pain, itching and burning.

These symptoms often get worse during intercourse. This condition gives a woman a lot of discomfort and interferes with a normal lifestyle. Vulvodynia is not an independent disease, but rather a complex of symptoms that can occur with the development of several pathologies. In most cases, an infectious inflammation of the external genital organs can cause painful sensitivity of the vulva.

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With vulvodynia, treatment depends on the cause of the pathology, so it is important to undergo high-quality diagnostics. For therapy, it is best to use folk remedies. Such treatment has a complex effect on the woman's body. it counteracts the development of pathogenic microorganisms, promotes tissue regeneration and strengthens the girl's immune system.

Vulvodynia is manifested by pain that a woman experiences in response to pressure on the external genitalia. large and small labia, the vestibule of the vagina. The intensity of pain can vary. In addition to pain, a woman may experience itching, burning, discomfort.


Pain in vulvodynia can be constant or recurring. This condition can last for several months or even several years. In some cases, spontaneous disappearance of the disease is noted.

In most cases, there are no external changes in the vulva. In some cases, inflammation of the vulva develops. a slight swelling and hyperemia of the mucosa is formed. Causes of vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is a fairly common pathology. To one degree or another, it affects every sixth woman at least once during her life. The reasons for the development of this condition can be very diverse. There are the following groups of factors.